With approximately six months of measurable snowfall, lawn care professionals are often asked questions about when to winterize your lawn in Utah to achieve healthy, beautiful grass for the rest of the year. Lawn winterizing applications within the fall months of October and November are critical for building a strong cool-season grass root system and encouraging new spring growth with a combination of special regionally-formulated fertilizer and lawn aeration.

Understanding Utah's Four Seasons

It is important to understand the environmental conditions in Utah along with local soil types to build and maintain an attractive, sturdy lawn. Our beautiful state of Utah experiences 4 distinct seasons with a cold, snowy winter beginning in early to mid-November, a hot and dry summer period from late June to mid-September with short, transitional spring and fall seasons. An experienced lawn care professional can answer any questions about what you should know to prepare your lawn for winter in Utah.

Fertilization Before Winter

Common cool-season grasses found in Utah includes bluegrass, tall and fine fescue, bentgrass and perennial ryegrass. These varieties will begin to store nutrients in the roots, which is why to fall it is the best and most important time to feed your lawn to ensure lush turf in the springtime. One final application of specially formulated fertilizer, created specifically for Utah's alkaline soil and cool-season grasses is vital to fulfilling the demanding nutrient requirements your lawn's needs for fall preparation before winter.


Fall aeration of dense turf works hand in hand with fall fertilization to prepare for the long, cold winter months to come. Slow weed growth in the cooler fall temperatures allows hearty cool-season grasses to flourish and properly store nutrients for winter. Fall aeration should take place approximately four weeks before the first frost sets in. The first frost occurs in Northern Utah in mid-October and in late-October for Southern Utah.

Final Steps for Winterizing Your Lawn

Preparing your lawn for winter will also include cleanup of fall debris like leaves and sticks and the final mowing. It is essential to clean up the lawn before the snow begins to fall to help prevent snow mold that develops on long grass and piled leaves. While a thick, healthy lawn helps to prevent weed growth, it may also be beneficial to apply pre-emergent weed control at the same time you perform fall fertilization on your lawn.

Year-Round Lawn Care

The experts at Big League Lawn Care have over 40 years of combined lawn care experience and proudly offer affordable, year-round lawn maintenance schedule plans for Utah homeowners and local businesses. If you are unsure about winterizing your lawn, give us a call at (801) 773-9999 to learn more about our services and schedule a free lawn evaluation. Take the guesswork out of your lawn's changing needs; Big League Lawns is here to 'swing for the fences' with our satisfaction guarantee to make sure you have a yard you can be proud of.

If You Have Questions When to Winterize the Lawn in Ogden or Salt Lake City, Utah, Call the Lawn Care Experts at Big League Lawns

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