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“Spectacular customer service! After having my yard treated by 2 different companies over 3 years, it was refreshing to have QUALITY customer service from both Kevin and Ryan. They are sincerely interested in my satisfaction and getting my lawn to be at its full potential.”

Hoosier - Utah

“My lawn has never looked better! After several years of trying other companies and being disappointed, Big League Lawns gave me the best-looking lawn in my neighborhood, surpassed my expectations, and they were priced better than the rest! Don't waste your time with others, Big League Lawns is the best!”

Amber K – Farmington

“We love these guys! Our yard looks great, just like the lawns in the Big leagues! They have always very helpful, professional and fun to work with. They answered all my questions and didn't try to sell me services I didn't need which I truly appreciated. I highly recommend them.”

Mike M - Farmington

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Did you know that 90% of your grass' weight is underground? You can't even see it. But what happens there impacts the health, beauty, and vitality of your lawn. Your lawn is the first thing visitors to your home or business notice. And if you're not taking care of 100% of your yard, it won't make a great impression.
A complete lawn care analysis assesses your whole lawn, root to tip. As one of the highest-rated companies in the industry, Big League Lawns has helped over thousands of people achieve stadium-quality lawns. Contact us today to get your free lawn care analysis.
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What to Expect During Your Lawn Care Analysis in Utah

When you fill out the quick form to request your free lawn care analysis, a lawn care tech will come out to visit. This highly skilled individual will assess several aspects of your lawn, such as:
  • Type of grass or grasses - Are they the best choice for your lawn conditions and region?
  • Pests and disease - Do you have grubs or other bugs preventing you from realizing the perfect lawn?
  • Soil quality - Is the ground well-aerated with the sufficient moisture and nutrients you need for a healthy lawn?
  • Weed situation - Are unwanted plants creeping into your lawn? Are they stealing vital nutrients and giving it an uneven, unmanicured appearance?
  • Density - Is the lawn as full as it could be? Are there any bare spots that need seeding?
  • Overall health of your lawn - Is your lawn healthy root to tip?

It may look okay now. But with 90% out of sight and out of mind, trouble could be brewing beneath your feet. Those lawn challenges will impact the look for your lawn for years to come. But because our lawn analysis is 100% free, there's no reason not to get a thorough assessment now. Save yourself the years, money and trouble of trying to get your lawn back by preventing degradation in the first place.

What If the Lawn Assessment Shows a Problem

If our lawn tech identifies a problem, they'll help you understand the complexity of it and how it may impact your long-term lawn success. At Big League Lawns of Utah, we can then present you with customized, actionable solutions to either help you restore the beauty of your lawn or maintain its beauty.
Because we love creating amazing lawns and have been doing this for a long time, we understand the importance of proactive and preemptive lawn care. For example, we use a pre-emergent crabgrass control treatment that crabgrass seeds before as they germinate.

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It's the first thing your guests notice. And it says a lot about you.
End the frustration and wasted efforts now. Whether your lawn is "just okay" or could really use some help, a free lawn care analysis can help you pinpoint the issues, saving you time and money. We're licensed and our work is satisfaction guaranteed. Don't wait until there's nothing there.

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