Before - After - Lawn Weed Control Services in Utah

No one likes how a lawn full of weeds looks, but weeds also compete with lawn grass for light, nutrients, space, and water. Living in the second-driest U.S. state, we need to keep water conservation in mind. It doesn't make sense to give weeds precious water that is better-used on green lawns and desirable plants. Weeds also don't limit themselves to just one part of the lawn. Many weeds are highly aggressive and will crowd out healthy lawn grass. You also can't just pull lawn weeds out successfully. Many have deep taproots and runners that will spread after leaves are pulled or mowed.

If you are looking for a lawn weed control service in Utah, contact Big League Lawns for a free lawn analysis. Our team knows how to treat your lawn to eliminate noxious varieties of weeds we see here in Weber and Davis counties.  Weeds strike out against our lawn care treatment plans. Get your lawn performing like a weed-free all-star with Big League Lawns. Call or Text us at (801) 773-9999.

Custom Lawn Weed Control Service in Utah to Get Rid of Weeds

Each lawn is different and a customized program to control your weeds will help eliminate them. Several companies that spray for weeds may provide one-time applications. The most effective lawn weed control service will include pre-emergent and post-emergent applications. We offer lawn weed control service that can handle weeds that could already be in your lawn and ones that could emerge in the future. 

How Does Lawn Weed Spray Work?

One of the best ways to fight weeds is to strengthen the entire lawn. Year-round care can create a healthy, vibrant lawn and prevent future weed growth. Post-emergent treatments are used if weeds have emerged. After visible weeds are gone, fertilization keeps lawn grass strong in addition to preventing weeds from growing. Pre-emergent weed control is a type of preventive treatment. It stops weeds from sprouting in the first place.

Contact Us for a Free Lawn Analysis – We’re Utah’s Premier Weed Control Lawn Care Company

Even one patch of crabgrass or a few dandelion flowers could spell major lawn weed problems in a short amount of time. Don't mow weeds over or try to pull them out. Instead, contact Big League Lawns for a free lawn analysis. With over 40 years of combined experience, we offer a 100% guarantee for our lawn services. We will be glad to set up a customized care program that will get rid of your lawn weeds. Contact us for a free quote today!

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