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Tired of seeing spiders crawl around the house every year? So was my wife!

One of our most popular Utah lawn pest control services is the Bug Barrier! We bought a new home, years ago and there were earwigs all over the place. You’d sit on the carpet and see one crawl around only to disappear quickly into the threads before you could catch it. It took only a couple applications to set up a bug barrier around the home and make this a thing of the past.

We’ve been in our Utah home over 6 years now, and I can’t remember the last time I saw an earwig in the house!

Keep Your Family Safe from Utah Pests!

The Big League Bug Barrier targets Spiders, Earwigs and more. Keep your family safe from harmful spiders like the Brown Recluse and Hobo Spider.

When you eliminate smaller insects around the home, spiders have less too feed on. Additionally we will be spraying to kill them on contact as well as set up a barrier they won’t want to cross.

A professionally trained, licensed pest control technician will easily help keep bugs outside where they belong. Keeping your home a place for loved ones only!

If you’re tired of being summoned to kill a spider – or tired of being the one screaming for help, call us today to get started!

Big League Lawns is Utah's premier and most cost effective lawn pest control solution in the state. Contact us for a Fast and Free Quote to begin next steps.

How Does Lawn Pest Control Work?

Insects are taken down on contact. A perimeter is also set up around your home that discourages future travelers from walking across it.

The barrier will last 3-4 weeks before breaking down from the sun and watering, as well as foot traffic. This is why we recommend scheduling a bug barrier with each lawn application for peace of mind and optimum control of insect populations.

Where do we spray in your home for Lawn Pest Control?

We will spray around the foundation of your home. Bugs love to hide, and even move in through cracks and crevices. We will also target areas around the door jambs, basement windows, window wells, around decks, and garage door openings.

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