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4 Fall Lawn Care Maintenance Tips

Are you wondering how to properly prepare your lawn for the fall? Here are some tips to promote a brilliant comeback in spring.


Home and business owners desiring to follow the best lawn care practices will take time to aerate the soil annually. Aeration of the soil benefits the root systems of grasses and ornamental landscapes by allowing greater oxygen and nutrient absorption. Be aware that this can be a time and energy-consuming process and typically is most effective with professional machinery. Save yourself the effort to rent equipment and do it yourself—call Big League Lawns for your residential and commercial lawn care aeration needs!


Lawn care professionals advise fertilizing in the fall to ensure that there are adequate nutrients in the soil. The resiliency of the grassroots depends on stored nutrients during dormant periods like fall and winter. This is particularly essential if you plan on seeding this year. Fertilizing after aerating in the fall allows for deeper soil penetration that will result in a healthier, lush lawn when spring arrives.

Best Lawn Care Tips for Do-it-Yourselfers

While it may not always be possible for those in charge of commercial lawn care, homeowners can do a few DIY residential lawn care tasks that can improve the appearance and quality of their landscaping health during fall.

  • Winterize Shrubs and Trees: When it comes to lawn care Utah property owners should always winterize the lawn. Certain grasses, shrubs, and trees will need to be trimmed.
  • Keep Raking: Autumn’s falling leaves can block essential sunlight, nutrients, and airflow, even compacting the lawn to the point where new grass blades don’t emerge next season. It can also invite pests and diseases like snow mold.
  • Let the Water Flow: While watering won’t be needed as often, it’s pertinent to provide periodic water to keep the roots of grass and plants well hydrated until the end of October.

We Make Utah Lawn Care Maintenance Simple

Contact Big League Lawns for the best lawn care all year long. Score big with our exceptional deals on lawn fertilization, aeration, pest control, and more. If you need lawn care professionals in Weber or Davis Counties with decades of experience, contact Big League Lawns in Utah today online or call for a free lawn analysis.

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