When Do I Winterize My Lawn

Preparing your lawn for the long winter months to come is one of the most important things you can do to ensure lush, beautiful turf for the rest of the year. Utah experiences approximately six months of winter beginning mid-November and ending around mid-May. The experts at Big League Lawns Lawn Care follow a proven method of lawn winterization in Utah for optimal winter care and to yield amazing spring results. Our specially developed fall lawn fertilizer is locally formulated to benefit the specific needs of Utah's unique climate and acidic soils.

For help with special winterization problems, contact Big League Lawns. Our experts will help you prepare now to achieve the lush dense green lawn you want next spring.

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Residential and Commercial Lawn Winterization in Utah

Proudly serving both residents and businesses in Weber and Davis Counties; Big League Lawns provides seasonal lawn maintenance, including lawn winterization, and year-round lawn care plans. We understand that lush, well-maintained landscaping adds value to your home and provides a professional and welcoming appearance to your business. Winterizing your lawn for Utah's environmental conditions begins with an assessment of your lawn's needs, Big League Lawns offers a free lawn analysis to develop a game plan that will transform your yard into well-manicured, lush-green turf.

Fall Aeration

Aeration, also known as core cultivation, performed approximately four weeks before the season's first frost is the initial step in winterizing your lawn for cool-season grasses found in Utah. Essentially, an aeration treatment provides access to your lawn's underlying soil by perforating the turf and soil producing small holes. This process allows the top grass and root system to 'breath' with easier water penetration, air circulation and better absorption of vital nutrients for the root system to sustain the lawn throughout the winter until springtime.

Fertilization for Winter

Fertilizer applied in seasonal stages will help to build and maintain your lawn's rich green color and density to help prevent weeds and unwanted grass types, encourage new growth and better tolerate drought. Cool-season grasses grown in Utah like bluegrass, fescue, and bentgrass have very specific external nutrient supply requirements to prepare for cold temperature survival. Big League Lawns offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our services including the noticeable improvement your lawn will experience from our expertly formulated, local fertilizer.

Bug Barrier Protection

Winterizing your yard for the cold months to come may also include a fall treatment to kill and prevent bugs like ants, spiders, and other crawling pests. When the temperature drops, the bugs are drawn to the cozy warmth of your home. Big League Lawns offers reliable, long-lasting protection from creepy-crawly bugs with our Bug Barrier. Designed to kill pests on contact and protect your home's perimeter with a long-lasting barrier that will prevent pests from entering your home. Call Us Today at (801) 773-9999 to learn more.

Winter lawn care services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lawn Winterization

The basic lawn winterization in Utah includes protecting your grass through the cold months and making some essential preparations for the spring:

Aerate: Before it snows for the first time in the winter, aerate the soil to enable the roots to absorb nutrients and oxygen during the winter.

Fertilize: Apply a winter fertilizer as an important step in keeping grass healthy through the cold months and preparing to help your lawn grow and thrive in the spring.

Remove leaves: Dense leaf cover on your grass fosters lawn fungi and diseases that can kill the grass. When the ground is not frozen, gently rake away leaves or use a leaf blower.

Winter lawn watering: Watering grass in the winter is very important, and more so if there is a winter drought. Water deeply on a day when the temperature is over 40°F.Treat for snow mold (as needed): In the late winter and the snow is melting away, be aware of the emergence of snow mold in the grass, especially under leaf cover. Use proper fungicides.

It is recommended to keep grass around 3 inches tall during summer. But, in winter, it is advisable to keep grass shorter, at about 2 inches tall. This helps prevent excessive thatch and it causes the grass to preserve energy in the roots, vs. using it to feed the grass leaves.

Here are the essential tasks to include in your lawn winterization process in Utah. Your lawn cultivation specialist may have additional recommendations, depending on the particular condition of your lawn and your location.

  • Apply perennial weed killer before winter.
  • Mow your lawn down to around 2 inches tall for the winter.
  • Aerate the soil before fertilizing.
  • Fertilize with high nitrogen.
  • Overseed for a flourishing lawn in spring.
  • Water your lawn as needed.

Also, see the steps in the answer to the question “What should you do to your lawn in winter?” for more advice on maintaining a healthy lawn throughout the winter in Utah.

Here are some maintenance tasks you can do to keep your grass healthy throughout the winter in Utah:

  • Aerate the soil.
  • Apply a winter fertilizer.
  • Remove leaves.
  • Mulch leaves.
  • Water your lawn (in temperatures above 40°F).
  • Treat for snow mold as needed.

Yes. Be sure not to forget winter fertilizing for your lawn. The reason why many homeowners have difficulty in the spring and summer trying to grow a dense, rich green lawn is a lack of proper winter fertilization. Many grass cultivation specialists advise that fall and wintertime fertilizing are the most important replenishments of nutrients to be done for grass during the year.

Grass does not stop growing during the winter, but it typically grows at such a slow rate when temperatures are under 40℉ that usually mowing is not needed during the cold season. (Grass actually only stops growing in extremely hot temperatures of over 120℉).

Nitrogen winterizing fertilizer helps grass maximize and store its reserves of carbohydrates before the ground becomes frozen. This is an essential in the winterization of lawns in Utah. It will keep the grass healthy during winter and prepare it to grow lush and healthy in the spring.

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If you are unsure about preparing your lawn and yard for winter, contact us to learn more about our seasonal and long-term service plans or schedule a free lawn evaluation today. We can help get your yard ready for winter with beneficial fall aeration, fertilization, pest control and the final mow and yard pick-up before the cold hits.

Lawn Winterization Utah Homeowners can Trust

The goal at Big League Lawns is to exceed customer expectations by providing on-time service and lawn care satisfaction to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

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