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Lawn Aerator Service in Utah

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Are you searching for a lawn aeration company in Utah? Look no further than Big League Lawns. Our lawn aeration service promotes lawn health by allowing grass roots to receive air, water, and fertilization. Contact Big League Lawns at 801-773-9999 for a FREE lawn analysis. We will evaluate your grass type, soil conditions, and climate to determine the best game plan for your lawn. Hit a home run with Big League Lawns.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Also known as core cultivation, lawn aeration is a mechanical lawn care service option that helps to supply your lawn's underlying soil with more air and thus increased nutrients. The aeration procedure involves poking holes into the soil of your lawn using an aerator; as these small patches of soil and grass are removed, the cycle of oxygen between the air and soil is increased. Through this process, soil compaction is reduced and thatch in lawns is controlled while the flow of water and fertilizer to the grass roots is facilitated. Typically performed during the early spring or in autumn when lawns are poised for growth, regular and proper lawn aeration is a critical part of cultivating a healthy lawn that can thrive and be vibrant year-round.

Why is Regular Lawn Aeration Important?

Eration Graphic - Lawn Aeration Services in Utah - Go Big LeagueOver time, soil compacts due to regular use from children playing, backyard picnics, regular lawn mowing or people merely walking over your lawn. Compacted soil prevents the roots of your grass from absorbing the right amount of water and nutrients and inhibits lawn growth. Aeration alleviates the effects of compacted soil; this allows the roots of your grass to strengthen and take in more water, leading to a greener, thicker and lusher lawn. Moreover, an aerated lawn will drain rainwater more effectively, reducing the formation of nutrient-poor clay underneath your lawn. Regular lawn aeration also increases the effectiveness of other types of lawn treatments such as fertilizers and irrigation while decreasing the effects of insect damage.

Lawn aeration is most successful when certain steps are followed. The day before aeration is scheduled, you should water your lawn thoroughly to facilitate the aeration process. The best results are achieved when actual plugs or cores of soil are removed from the lawn; these holes should be between two and four inches apart with each hole approximately two or three inches deep.

Residential and Commercial Lawn Aeration Services

At Big League Lawns, our Utah lawn care team services a wide range of commercial and residential clients in the Weber & Davis County areas. Homeowners find that a well-maintained lawn adds to their enjoyment of their yard as well as to their home's value, and our commercial customers are pleased with how our lawn care results in a more professional-looking and aesthetically pleasing business environment. To work with your lawn care needs, our technicians can provide yearly lawn care or seasonal maintenance as needed for your home or business.

Contact Utah's Big League Lawns for Your Lawn Care Needs 

Big League Lawns is a lawn aeration company serving Weber and Davis counties. In order to provide the highest quality service for our customers, Big League Lawns will work with you to design a customized, long-term lawn care plan. Our professional crew is the most skilled in the Ogden area. With every job we do, our goal is to ensure that our customers are entirely pleased with our efficient services and the quality of the results of their lawn aeration. We aim to exceed expectations on timing and results as we transform each lawn that we aerate into a lush, verdant yard. To find out for yourself, contact us today to receive a free estimate and benefit from Big League Lawn's complete satisfaction guarantee!

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