Big League Lawns performing Residential Fertilization and Lawn Care ServicesAre you looking for residential lawn care in Utah? To take your lawn out of the Minors and into the Big Leagues we’ll send your lawn to spring training! The professionals at Big League Lawns use a balanced approach to encourage root growth and make your lawn more tolerant to drought conditions for a lush, green lawn. Backed by 40 years of combined experience working residential lawn care in Utah, we service Weber & Davis counties. We offer a FREE lawn analysis during which we'll work with you to determine your needs and develop a game plan to reach your goals. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

Residential Lawn Fertilization in Utah

Nutrition is vital if your lawn is to be healthy and vibrant. Customized residential lawn fertilization plans ensure that you have a fertilizer that deals with the exact conditions of your soil type. Seeking the services of a qualified specialist takes the burden off your back while ensuring that you have a vibrant lawn that you take pride in. Our tailored approach ensures that your Utah lawn receives the exact kind and amount of fertilizer it needs to grow to its full potential.

Residential Lawn Aeration in Utah

Aerating your lawn lessens thatch build-up and opens passages for air, water, and nutrients to reach the grass’ roots. Aeration is vital for both dry and rainy months of the year: during the dry months, water is able to trickle to the roots of the grass, while during the rainy season, aeration helps in draining off the excess water on your lawn’s surface. Aeration also reduces soil compaction, which inhibits the amount of oxygen that penetrates the soil preventing nutrients from getting to the roots. As a result, carbon dioxide accumulates in the soil leading to the stunted growth of your grass. Typically performed during the early spring or in autumn when lawns are poised for growth, regular and proper lawn aeration is a critical part of cultivating a healthy lawn that can thrive and be vibrant year-round.

Residential Bug Barriers in Utah

Common pests and mosquitos are some of the features in any home with a lawn. Keeping these pests at bay requires vigilant experts loaded with experience. Each landscape is different and as such, we do not provide ‘one-size-fits-all’ kind of services. We begin by giving you a thorough assessment of your lawn and coming up with bug barriers tailored to your specific needs. We not only provide solutions for existing bugs but seek to prevent future pest problems. Mosquitos can be quite a nuisance and we provide solutions that can be used to treat standing water in the lawns to inhibit their multiplication.

Big League Lawns is a Residential Lawn Care Company in Utah

Big League Lawns is driven by a passion for surpassing our client’s expectations and will stop at nothing to ensure that this is achieved. We give Utah residents in Weber and Davis counties the personal attention they deserve. Call or text us at (801) 876-5508 for a free residential lawn analysis.
Residential Lawn Care Schedule - Big League Lawns in Ogden, Utah

FAQ Lawn Care

Of course! We’ll start by giving your lawn a free inspection, where we’ll evaluate what’s working and what isn’t. We’ll provide you with a customized recommendation of the services and treatments that will get your lawn ready for the Big Leagues.

We start treating customers’ lawns as soon as the snow clears. In this part of Utah that’s usually around the 1st of March. It takes us about 6 weeks to cover all round 1 customers, so you’ll see us somewhere between March 15 and April 25, weather depending.

Don’t worry; this is normal. Our first treatment promotes growth & color using fertilizer and also includes pre-emergent to prevent crabgrass. Additionally, post emergent is used for existing weeds. However, post emergent for broadleaf weeds can’t actually prevent weeds from growing. Instead, they kill weeds once they start to appear. You can rest assured knowing we will treat new weeds on every visit.

If you want your lawn growing major league strong, we recommend fertilizing every 4 or 5 weeks. Usually, this can be 6-7 applications per year. If you trust your lawn care to Big League Lawns, we’ll work out a custom program that’s just right for you.

Patience is key here. It’s normal to see some weeds shrivel up and die rather quickly, while others can hang on for months. Weeds like Morning Glory and Oxalis are some of the toughest weeds around and can take a full season to eradicate while building up turf density.

Typically it takes 48 hours just for weed control to translocate from the leaf of the plant to the root system. If it’s been just a few days, keep waiting. By the 10-14 period you should see weeds twisting and curling. If you don’t see this twisting and curling, give us a call. For customers that take our full program service, we’ll stop by ASAP to make sure you’re getting results you’re paying for. If we need to treat them again, we are happy to do so.

Crabgrass plants die as temperatures drop heading into winter. Because they aren’t perennial plants, their root systems die off as well. Beforehand, they drop hundreds of seeds that wait to sprout when ground temperatures rise.

Controlling crabgrass with pre-emergent is different than using broadleaf weed control products, which aren’t effective until after weeds sprout. Crabgrass needs to be stopped as it’s seed germinates. Applying a crabgrass pre-emergent creates a barrier to stop seeds when they sprout.

Your kids and pets are free to roam about the yard as soon as the grass is dry. This takes about an hour on a sunny day.

As long as the treatment was applied about a half hour before the rain started, you’re OK. After that, rain or sprinklers can’t wash the product away.

Yes, but not long. Once the spray is dry (about an hour on a sunny day) you can resume watering as normal.

Brown spots can be caused by a host of different issues, including both under- and over-watering, dog urine, or insects. You need a professional to properly diagnose the cause of your brown spots. Call us for a free diagnosis and treatment plan. We’ll knock those brown spots right out of your yard!

Yes! All companies that apply pesticides are required to be licensed by the states in which they operate. Big League Lawns is properly licensed for the state of Utah.

Of course! Our weed control, fertilization, and pest control services are all satisfaction guaranteed. If you’re dissatisfied, simply give us a call. We’ll come out and address your area of concern.