Big League Lawns is Utah's best lawn treatment company! We produce extraordinary results at surprisingly affordable rates along with our healthy lawn guarantee. Our lawn care experts transform failed lawns into beautiful, lush green outdoor spaces. Our professional turf cultivation specialists bring 40 years of combined experience in Utah lawn treatment and insect control to transform your ailing grass into the most stunning lawn in your neighborhood.

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Lawn Fertilization

Proper fertilizing is essential to cultivating thriving, thick, rich green grass. Thicker grass means a harder struggle for weeds trying to crowd out the grass, so you can use much less treatment for weed control.

Lawn Aeration

Aerating a lawn involves boring small holes in the soil to allow oxygen, water, and essential nutrients to reach the grass. Lawn aeration enables deeper growth of roots, which produces a stronger, healthier lawn.

Lawn Winterization

In Utah, winterization of every troubled lawn should begin with an expert lawn and soil assessment and design of a seasonal regimen to produce a healthy green lawn in the spring. Our lawn winterization involves pre-frost core cultivation for winter nutrients and hydration and fertilization for drought tolerance and density, among other essential seasonal treatments.

Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass exploits weak spots in a lawn. It gains a stronghold in areas that are dry or that have sparse grass growth. Without professional treatment, crabgrass often spreads quickly and easily overruns healthy grass until it covers virtually the whole lawn.

Lawn Grub Control

After lying dormant under the soil surface all winter, grubs decimate the grassroots in the spring, then grow into beetles and devour flowers and garden plants. Our lawn grub control experts eliminate grub issues with treatment that is safe for children and pets.

Spider and Bug Barrier

Without lawn pest control, some species can remain in the soil during the winter and emerge when the temperatures rise in the spring. Others attempt to move to the warmer space inside your home. Getting rid of stubborn lawn insects typically requires professional lawn pest control. Our lawn insect treatments are highly effective and safe.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitos can be one of the most difficult outdoor insects to get rid of without having them quickly return. They hide in shrubs and on the undersides of leaves of many types to avoid predators and shield against the weather. We can quickly and safely eliminate mosquitos.

Lawn Drought Stress

Our lawn winterization includes pre-frost core cultivation for soil penetration by water and nutrients during the winter, and fall fertilization to build density and increase drought tolerance.

Lawn Weed Control

Weeds can overtake a lawn, crowd out the grass, and compete for sunlight, moisture, and nutrients. High-quality weed control is essential for the healthiest lawn possible. Our weed control eliminates weeds and prevents new reemergence.

Big League Lawn Care Packages

Contact us at Big League lawn care company to give your lawn in Weber or Davis County, Utah the region’s best rehabilitative care. Choose one of these lawn services packages to fit your Utah lawn care needs.

Our residential lawn care and commercial lawn services are 100% guaranteed.

Spring Training Fertilization, Pre/Post-Emergent, Weed Control
Home Run Fertilization, Pre/Post-Emergent, Grub Prevention, Weed Control
Grand Slam Fertilization, Pre/Post-Emergent, Grub Prevention, Lawn Aeration, Weed Control

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The Best lawn service in Utah - How Does Big League Lawns Do It?

To take your lawn out of the Minors and into the Big Leagues we’ll send your lawn to spring training! This means we'll put your lawn on a root development program. It’s simple, the more roots you have the less weeds you have - your lawn will be thicker & greener too! At Big League Lawns we use a balanced approach putting down the nutrients that encourage root growth and make your lawn more tolerant to drought conditions. Additionally, we focus on making grass less susceptible to disease breakouts. This is done by using lawn fertilizers that also have Phosphorous & Potassium at different times of the year.

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Why Is This Lawn Treatment Company Different?

Free lawn insect control graphic - Best lawn treatment company in Ogden, UtahMany "Chuck in a Truck" lawn care companies use inexpensive fertilizers with high nitrogen rates and little to no phosphorus & potassium. This means you get fast color, but not a lot of root development. As a result, your lawn may be thinner and new weeds can come up each month. Your lawn may also look mediocre in the summer when you want it to look its best.
Throughout the year we will use application methods that guarantee the best results for your lawn depending on what's most advantageous for the current season. For instance, we will begin the year using liquid applications. When temperatures are cool, we can blanket spray your lawn. This enables us to kill weeds we can't even see yet. Blanket sprays provide tremendous coverage and get you a fantastic head start heading into summer.
When temperatures increase to near 85 degrees there is a risk of burning the lawn when spraying fertilizer at the same rate. As a result, we will switch over to granular fertilizers in the summer months. This gives you the same amount of nutrients per 1,000 SQ feet, ensuring your lawn stays beautiful and green during the months you play in the yard the most. Some lawn care companies, however, do not use granular in the summer. How do they keep from burning the lawn when it gets hot? If you reduce the amount of nitrogen you apply to the lawn you can reduce the risk of burning it when spraying. However, your customers get less fertilizer than they received in the spring 7 fall, yet their bill remains the same!

The Best Lawn Treatment Company Puts You First:

At Big League Lawns, we do not believe taking shortcuts is in the best interest of the customer or the lawn. Just take a drive down the street and see a neighbor's lawn in the summer that uses a "Chuck in a Truck" lawn care provider. At times you may see uneven color, drought conditions, and weeds - right when they want their lawn to look its best! Putting you first means we sometimes have to work harder when it's hotter. It may mean investing more in equipment that can accommodate liquid tanks and dry products at the same time. It may also mean spending more on the right products and professional equipment that is versatile enough to provide more than one application method. In the end, it's what takes your lawn out of the minor leagues and into the Big Leagues!

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It can be too difficult to revitalize a severely ailing lawn without intervention from an experienced professional. Our Utah lawn rehabilitation experts have been cultivating lush, gorgeous green lawns in this region for decades. For Utah residents to bring your lawn into the Big League quickly, just search "lawn care near me"; or "best lawn care service near me."; OR:

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