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5 Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring in Utah

Springtime in Utah is often dramatic with high winds, snow flurries and sunshine, and rainbows - sometimes all in one day! Utahans like to joke that the beginning of spring, March 20th or 21st, is actually called Sprinter. When we finally roll into true spring-like weather with melting snow and warmer temperatures, it is time to think about getting a head start on lawn care. Big League Lawns suggests keeping in mind the following 5 tips to prepare your lawn for spring in Utah. Remove Debris Begin your lawn care regime by removing large debris like branches, then rake to…

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

If you have ever been on a golf course or lived near one, you may have noticed that once or twice per season, thousands of tiny holes and a thin layer of sand on the short grass surface of the putting greens. That's because each season golf course maintenance crews perform an important maintenance practice: core aeration. Let's take a look at how core aeration benefits your yard. Core Aeration improves overall turf health Core aeration gives your yard's root zone greater access to air, water, and essential nutrients. This results in deeper and more extensive turfgrass roots. Stronger, healthier roots equal a stronger,…

When to Winterize Your Lawn in Utah

With approximately six months of measurable snowfall, lawn care professionals are often asked questions about when to winterize your lawn in Utah to achieve healthy, beautiful grass for the rest of the year. Lawn winterizing applications within the fall months of October and November are critical for building a strong cool-season grass root system and encouraging new spring growth with a combination of special regionally-formulated fertilizer and aeration. Understanding Utah's Four Seasons It is important to understand the environmental conditions in Utah along with local soil types to build and maintain an attractive, sturdy lawn. Our beautiful state of Utah…

Drought Stress in Lawns

The good news is that drought stress in your lawn is not a permanent condition. Those brown patches of grass that can show up during the hotter part of the summer are a protective mechanism that many plants, including lawn grasses, will activate when they're not getting enough water. There are several ways to deal with lawn drought, but first, you must identify the problem. What Causes Drought Stress in Plants? Many plants release a specific hormone when they're not getting enough water. The hormone that helps plants respond to drought is abscisic acid. When your lawn experiences drought-like conditions, the grasses…

3 Ways to Keep Bugs Out

You may be frustrated with seeing insects crawling around your house. Or, perhaps you're fed up with swatting mosquitos while trying to entertain friends out on the deck. Big League Lawns can control pests in and around your home and yard by taking one or more measures to minimize – or even prevent – the annual fall insect migration into your home. Three types of barriers provide an effective measure of protection against insects: physical, chemical, and cultural. Physical Barriers A physical bug barrier blocks the openings bugs use to access your home. Using physical barriers is an excellent way to prevent…

3 Ways to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Grass absorbs all the water, energy and nutrients it can during the fall and winter so it can grow tall and exceedingly green in spring. So, when the last leaf falls to the ground, will your lawn be prepared for winter? Keep Mowing Cut and water your lawn as usual throughout the fall. When winter temperatures arrive and the lawn begins to go dormant, take the next step in preparing your lawn for winter… Lower the blade on your mower. Use the last couple of mowings to cut the grass down to about 1½ inches tall. Try not to cut more than…

How to Prevent Snow Mold (and what to do if you get it)

The temperatures have risen and the snow has melted. You expect to be greeted by a lush green lawn, but instead, your once beautiful yard looks horrible!  What caused this to happen? Is it still alive? Don’t panic! It’s going to be okay. Your lawn may have snow mold, a type of fungus that damages and sometimes kills grass, generally in late winter. Snow mold, sometimes referred to as snow rot, is a turf disease that flourishes under wet leaves and snow in the winter months. Snow mold’s damage usually occurs in small circular grayish or pinkish patches, and can…
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