Commercial Building With a Healthy Lawns

If so, look no further than Big League Lawns. Your lawn says a lot about your business, so it’s important that it looks great year-round. We take the time to listen to exactly what your business’s needs are, and curate solutions to provide a lush, green lawn. We are committed to our commercial lawn care client’s needs and are professionals with more than 40 years of combined experience.

We offer a FREE lawn analysis to determine your commercial lawn care needs and develop a game plan to reach your goals.

Commercial Lawn Fertilization

Fertilizing lawn can turn unsightly and patchy lawn into a green carpet of smooth and rejuvenated grass. This doesn’t imply that you go to the garden store and pick up any lawn fertilizer and bingo! You are done. It boils down to knowing that different types of lawns have different nutrient requirements. Our experts know this, and that’s why we tailor our lawn fertilizer to each individual business’s needs. We analyze the soil, establish the existence if any of turf disease, and evaluate any weed or insect problems. Working with Big League Lawns takes out the hassle and risk associated with choosing the wrong fertilizer. Our tailored approach ensures that your commercial lawn receives the exact kind and amount of fertilizer it needs to grow to its full potential.

Commercial Lawn Aeration

The benefits of lawn aeration for businesses cannot be overstated, especially for commercial buildings with foot high traffic. Lawn aeration is the process of poking holes in the lawn and pulling up small cores so that the grass has a constant supply of air, water, and nutrients that are vital for it to thrive. This also improves water drainage. Poor drainage creates a damp environment that is a breeding ground for mosquitos and other pests. Aerating your lawn also saves your water as the water sprinkled seeps deep into turf away from dehydrating elements; the sun and wind.

Commercial Bug Barriers

We’ve all had instances when a serene and tranquil moment is interrupted by bugs and crawling insects be it indoors or outdoors. Our products are specially formulated to exterminate spiders, earwigs, and other crawling insects. Spraying a bug barrier not only kills the insects upon contact, but also creates a barrier that future pests will not cross.

Lawns can also be a breeding ground for mosquitos. While it is impossible to eliminate every mosquito as they are flying insects, our repellant can deter a big number and kill eggs laid in standing water or moist soil. Our treatment repels mosquitos for 3-4 weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Commercial Lawn Care

Yes — we completely comply with the licensing requirements of this state and carry comprehensive insurance coverage.
We are local Utah natives serving the greater Weber County and Davis County areas.

Commercial Lawn Fertilizer

We recommend waiting until the lawn is completely dry before walking on it following a lawn care application. In most cases, this should take about two hours or less.
You should wait at least 24 hours before watering your lawn after it has been treated. Then just stay with your normal watering schedule after that.
All of our products are used in strict compliance with EPA standards and are considered "practically nontoxic" by that agency.
We work with each individual customer to craft lawn care services that best suit their needs and preferences. Most of the time, however, we find that 6 to 7 treatments per year works best for the vast majority of those who use our services.

Commercial Lawn Care Aeration

Aeration is typically done twice a year; the first aeration in early spring and the second at the end of summer before the winter cold sets in.
On average, aeration plugs take about two weeks to completely break down, but the total time can be affected by weather and soil conditions.
We recommend waiting at least one week after aeration before mowing your lawn.

Commercial Bug Barriers

Most lawns require spraying in early spring to control the populations of insect pests that are emerging from dormancy. Early summer is another important time for spraying because this is when aphids and beetles begin to reproduce. If mosquitoes are a part of the picture, midsummer sprayings will help keep them down.
You should see results immediately. Reapplication will often be needed, and will be dictated during your assessment.

Big League Lawns is a Commercial Lawn Care Company in Utah

Big League Lawns is driven by a passion for surpassing our client’s expectations and will stop at nothing to ensure that this is achieved. We give the personal attention you deserve. Call or text us at (801) 876-5508 for a free commercial lawn analysis.