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If you’ve been fantasizing about having a lush green lawn, why not have it! After all, it’s an easily attainable dream! Having your dream lawn is as simple as choosing from the Big League lawn care services packages.

Lawn solutions at Big League Lawns include:

Big League Lawns’ lawn rehabilitation programs are designed to overcome the specific challenges of Utah homeowners and commercial property owners. 

  • Our lawn care services are top-notch and 100% guaranteed.
  • We provide you with a free lawn analysis.
  • Our lawn care experts have combined 40 years of experience cultivating Utah lawns.
  • Big League Lawns serves customers in Davis and Weber counties in Utah.

Lawn Fertilization in Sunset, Utah

Fertilizing your lawn is basic for growing healthy, green grass. Our locally blended fertilizer generates thick, healthy grass growth, which comes with the bonus of needing much less weed killer. That’s because tough weeds cannot take root as easily where the grass is dense and hearty. Best of all, a beautiful, healthy yard adds to the exceptional curb appeal of a home, and its inviting quality inspires everyone in the family to want to spend more time outdoors enjoying it.

Lawn Aeration in Sunset, Utah

Aeration is making small holes in the soil throughout the yard, to enable air, water, and nutrients to penetrate and reach the grassroots. The heartier roots then grow deeper, generating more robust growth for a thriving lawn. If your yard bears heavy foot traffic causing the soil to become very compacted or if your grass has developed thick thatching, lawn aeration provides an effective solution. Big League’s lawn rehab experts can determine if treatment with a lawn aerator will help restore healthy grass growth.

Lawn Winterization in Sunset, Utah

Winterizing your Utah lawn begins with a fall soil and lawn assessment by Big League Utah lawn winterization experts. Before the first winter frost, the lawn winterization process will involve core cultivation, to increase water and nutrient saturation of roots during the winter months. Seasonal fertilization with locally blended ingredients is applied to strengthen your lawn’s tolerance to Utah winter conditions and promote the growth density needed to thwart weeds and unwanted grass types. Fall insect treatment creates a sustained pest control barrier, protecting your home from insects attracted to the warm interior of your house.

Lawn Weed Control Services in Sunset, Utah

Weeds try to squeeze out grass and take all the ground area possible to consume all your lawn’s available resources of light and water, and nutrients. Aggressive weeds can overpower a healthy yard and often leave no room for grass unless they are dealt with by professional weed control solutions. Big League’s lawn weed control service eliminates even the most tenacious and persistent weeds, to restore a healthy lawn and help prevent new encroaching weeds from gaining a foothold.

Lawn Pest Control Treatment in Sunset, Utah

When pests and their larvae proliferate in your lawn, they can do extreme damage to grass root systems. For example, lawn grubs often leave large patches of brown grass across lawns. These and other insects can be very difficult to eliminate without professional treatment. Our lawn pest control specialists know how to determine where the insect populations are concentrated and how to eliminate these and help prevent them from damaging grass for the entire season.

Lawn Grub Control in Sunset, Utah

Grubs eat grassroots and often leave big areas of dead grass. They are dormant in the soil during cold temperatures, then they emerge in warmer periods and feed insatiably on roots, killing wide areas of grass. When they grow into adult beetles, they often feast on and destroy flowers and garden plants. Using typical pesticides from your garden supply store can damage your lawn and still not eliminate the lawn grub problem. We use professional-grade safe and efficient grub control solutions.

Lawn Care Packages

Take your lawn all the way to the Big League Lawns! Use one of our affordable and proven effective Utah lawn care services packages for your home or commercial lawn care in Sunset, Utah:

Top Lawn Care Services Company, Sunset, Utah

Big League Lawns for Your Lawn Care Services

Remember, a lush green lawn need not be just a dream. You can really own it! Get the best lawn care services in Sunset, UT, and make your lush lawn dream come true. With affordable Big League lawn rehabilitation, you can soon have the lushest and greenest lawn in your entire neighborhood. Our team of lawn rehab specialists have transformed countless depleted lawns into dreams come true for Utah business and homeowners.

Call Big League Lawns at (801) 773-9999, for more information about our lawn care services.

Check out our many customer reviews on Google. We’re proud to have more than 150 5-Star reviews from customers who are thrilled with their new lawns. How do we do it? Our winning Big League lawn rehabilitation strategies include:

  • 2 Pre-emergent applications for our full-season lawn care customers
  • Locally blended fertilizer ideally mixed for Utah lawns
  • Provide the best quality of lawn care at affordable prices
  • 100% guarantee on our work

Welcome to the Big League Lawns! Let us transform your yard into a gorgeous, thick green lawn that your neighbors will dream about!

Give us a call at Big League Lawns at (801) 773-9999 to schedule your free lawn analysis, or contact us online for a prompt response!

We donate a portion of all our profits to Food for the Hungry, to help feed children in need throughout the world.

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