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At Big League Lawns, we provide the best lawn care service in Bountiful, Utah! We offer spectacular results that are surprisingly affordable. See over 150 5-Star customer reviews from homeowners who love their new lawns! Our highly knowledgeable lawn treatment professionals can transform your lawn into a vibrant green, lush carpet of healthy grass. 

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Lawn solutions at Big League Lawns include:

Bountiful Utah Lawn Care Services

Lawn Fertilization

A lush green lawn doesn’t just happen on its own. Fertilizing is the necessary process to render healthy, thriving grass. When you fertilize a lawn, the thick, healthy new grass makes it harder for weeds to crowd in so that you don’t need as much weed control treatment. Even the most stubborn weeds are much less likely to take root in thick grass growth. A gorgeous green lawn presents the best curb appeal your yard can have. Plus, your lush lawn’s vibrant, inviting appearance inspires everyone in the family to spend more time outdoors enjoying the yard.

Lawn Aeration

To aerate a lawn requires creating holes throughout the lawn soil to promote more thorough penetration by water, air, and nutrients down to the grassroots. Lawn aeration promotes deeper root growth and produces a healthier, more robust grass growth. For a grass that has too much thatch or a yard that has endured heavy foot and even vehicle traffic during construction, soil can become very compacted. Treatment with a lawn aerator is necessary to achieve a beautiful, strong, thick, green lawn. 

Lawn Weed Control

Weeds try to take over, crowding out the grass and consuming the available lawn space, moisture, nutrients, and sunlight. Effective weed control is a must for cultivating the healthiest lawn possible on your property. Big League’s Utah weed control program eliminates existing weeds from your lawn and prevents new weed growth from gaining a foothold. Stopping weeds from taking over enables grass to flourish without competing for resources.

Lawn Pest Control

Lawn-destroying insects and larvae can devastate grass. When damaging lawn insects invade your property, they can cause extensive damage, especially to the root system of the grass. For example, lawn grubs remain in the soil throughout the cold months of winter, then make their presence known in the warm season by causing wide areas of dead or brown grass across the lawn. These and other tenacious lawn insects require professional lawn pest control treatment to identify concentrations of the insects and manage treatment using methods that are both safe for children and pets and that are highly effective in eliminating yard pest problems.

Lawn Grub Control

Grubs eat grass roots. This often leaves broad areas of brown or dead grass. After lying dormant in the soil through the winter, they surface in the warm months and ravenously devour grassroots, killing a beautiful lawn. Then, these larvae grow into beetles and start eating flowers and garden plants. Retail pesticides can damage lawns and not really eradicate lawn grubs. Our lawn grub control experts get results with safe, effective treatment for eliminating destructive lawn grub infestation.

Lawn Winterization

The environmental conditions of the northwest U.S. present unique challenges to maintaining a lush green lawn. Winterization of every lawn in Utah must start with soil and lawn assessment by Utah lawn winterization experts and a seasonal plan for producing a thriving green lawn in springtime. Our lawn winterization features pre-frost core cultivation for nutrient and water penetration through winter. It also features seasonal fertilization to strengthen drought tolerance and build density. This helps prevent weeds, and fall insect treatment, to protect your house from insects drawn inside for warmth.

Lawn Care Packages

Giving your grass the professional treatment it needs will provide you with the lawn you want. Work with your Big League Lawns specialist to determine which of the primary lawn services packages is right for your Utah lawn care needs. Big League residential lawn care and commercial lawn services in Utah are all 100% guaranteed.

Spring Training: Pre/Post-Emergent, Fertilizer, Weed Control 

Grand Slam: Pre/Post-Emergent, Fertilizer, Weed Control, Grub Prevention, Lawn Aeration

Home Run: Pre/Post-Emergent, Fertilizer, Weed Control, Grub Prevention

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