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Noxious Weed Control and Removal on Utah Properties  

Under the Utah Noxious Weed Act R68-9, Section 4-17-3 of the Utah code, there are officially designated noxious weed species in this state by the Commissioner of Agriculture and Food.

Noxious weed species in Utah are designated into five classes. Various levels of government and either required or recommended citizen responses to these unwanted plant species have been clarified by state law. Here are the five classes and a few examples of the weed species that are categorized under each to help you increase your understanding of the situation and actions you may need to take regarding weed control on your property in Utah:

Noxious Weed Classification in Utah

Class 1A

This class is on the state’s Early Detection Rapid Response (EDRR) Watch List. That means these and other weed species in this class present serious threats to the state of Utah, and eradication of these is considered a “very high priority.”

  • Mediterranean sage – Salvia aethiopis
  • Common crupina – Crupina vulgaris
  • Plumeless thistle – Carduus acanthoides
  • Multiple other noxious weed species in this class

Class 1B

Early Detection Rapid Response (EDRR) authorities have declared the species in this class as noxious and invasive weeds that are not native to Utah and those present serious threats to the state of Utah. Like Class 1A species, these examples and others in this category are viewed as very high priority.

  • Japanese knotweed – Polygonum cuspidatum
  • Garlic mustard – Alliaria petiolata
  • Camelthorn – Alhagi maurorum
  • Multiple other noxious weed species in this class

Class 2

Weeds in the Class 2 category are declared invasive and noxious. They are not native to Utah. These example species and others in this class are considered to present threats to the state and a “high priority” for control of these weed types:

  • Spotted knapweed – Centaurea stoebe
  • Rush skeletonweed – Chondrilla juncea
  • Leafy spurge – Euphorbia esula
  • Multiple other noxious weed species in this class

Class 3

This class is declared to be invasive and noxious weeds that are not native to the state and that are growing widely in the state. State efforts to control these weed populations are underway in hope of stopping new populations or reducing or eliminating expansion of existing ones:

  • Tamarisk (Saltcedar) – Tamarix ramosissima
  • Phragmites (Common reed) – Phragmites australis ssp.
  • Field bindweed (Wild Morning-glory) – Convolvulus spp
  • Multiple other noxious weed species in this class

Class 4

The Class 4 weed category are declared invasive and noxious weeds. These weeds are also not native to the state and are considered to present a threat to Utah via retail sales or nursery and greenhouse propagation of these unwelcome plants and others in this class:

  • Cogongrass (Japanese blood grass) – Imperata cylindrica
  • Scotch broom – Cytisus scoparius
  • Myrtle spurge – Euphorbia myrsinites
  • Multiple other noxious weed species in this class

Variables of Needs and Priorities Across Utah Counties

Every county in the state of Utah might have its unique priorities regarding eradication or other levels of control of various noxious weed species. So, it’s understood that they may need to reprioritize this broader schema for weed management to fit their specific situation.

How the State is Managing Noxious Weed Species in Utah

Surveys of extremely noxious weed infestations have been conducted and are continuing in Utah. County supervisors have developed weed control programs. Dedicated county “weed boards” have been formed, and other local government agencies are also involved. State and local inspectors are working in ongoing collaboration with researchers and extension teams to encourage increased use of the best methods of controlling the most troublesome weed species.

Noxious Lawn Weed Control Service for Utah Property Owners

You do not need to wonder whether you have noxious weeds on your property. Big League Lawns provides noxious weed control for lawns in Utah. Our lawn weed control experts can promptly identify and eliminate noxious weeds named on any of the long lists of offending species in each of the five classes.

The Role of Big League Lawns in Noxious Weed Management

Big League Lawns weed experts play an important part in the statewide efforts to eliminate problematic weed species on private properties in Utah. If you suspect that your property is infested with a noxious weed species, contact your local agricultural authority for directions, or call Big League Lawns for identification and eradication of the offending weed species.

We offer lawn turf rehabilitation, including lawn pest control, soil aeration, lawn fertilization, and weed care for homeowners and businesses in Utah. We provide guidance and one-time or periodic professional rehabilitative treatment for ailing turf grass. We eradicate weed infestations, and damaging lawn pests, resolve soil depletion issues and implement other needed solutions.

For expert weed assessment and treatment, call Big League Lawns at (801) 773-9999, or reach us online for information or an appointment for your free lawn analysis.

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