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5 Tips for Summertime Lawn Care

Summer is officially here and with it comes mornings enjoying coffee on our back porch and afternoons at the grill, maybe watching the kids play in the sprinklers or enjoying the burst of color from your garden. Simply put, this season is a fantastic season to spend outdoors and to enjoy the beauty of one’s yard. But a beautiful yard doesn’t just happen. Beautiful lawns and gardens require care and maintenance.

The following are a few of the favorite summertime lawn care tips our lawn care contractor professionals recommend for getting your lawn looking beautiful and keep it so:

Let the Grass Grow a Touch Higher

We know how finicky people can get on their grass length, but we promise that if you set your lawnmower to a slightly higher setting, you’ll enjoy a healthier, greener lawn. That’s because tall grass blades encourage deeper grassroots that are better able to find water. Additionally, those taller blades better shade soil to keep it cooler and better able to retain moisture. It’s an easy, affordable lawn care tip anyone can do!

Have Your Soil Tested

The change of the season brings changing rainfall which can likewise change your soil’s pH. Have your lawn tested, both what’s covered by grass and your various garden areas, at the start of summer so you’ll be better informed on how to approach law care maintenance tasks, such as fertilization.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Yep, with knowledge of the right pH level, you should then seek out fertilization. The best technique with fertilization is to choose a slow-release one that will give your grass the nutrients they need over the course of several weeks. For best effects, fertilize at the start of summer and then again in early autumn (end of October, early November).

Have Your Lawn Aerated

In addition to water and nutrients found in fertilizers, healthy and beautiful grass coverings need oxygen. The best way to ensure your lawn gets that oxygen it so separately wants is to have it aerated. Aerating perforates the soil with tiny holes that make it easy for air as well as water and nutrients to get to the grassroots. Once those roots suck all that up, they become stronger and otherwise more vigorous.

Water in the Morning

Most people know this summertime lawn care tip, but it bears mentioning because it’s so important. Morning is the absolute best time to water your lawn as this is when winds are at their calmest and the weather is coolest. These two conditions ensure that water can be sufficiently soaked into the soil and absorbed by your lawn covering’s roots before the winds and heat heighten. A good general schedule to follow for Utah lawns is at least one inch of water per week.

Contact Big League Lawns for the Best Lawn Care

Does your lawn have brown patches? Or are you ready to take your lawn care to the next level with better aeration and fertilization? If so, then our Ogden Utah team at Big League Lawns wants to help you. Contact our local lawn care company today to learn more about our outstanding lawn care services and how we can transform your dying or lackluster lawn into one of vigor and beauty.

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