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Does you need lawn care services in West Haven, Utah? No problem! You’ve arrived in the Big League of expert lawn care service company. We can rescue your grass! We’re not your typical lawn care service. We diagnose and rehabilitate your lawn, transforming your grass from its currently weak state to a thick, healthy, gorgeous green. Yes, that’s all we do! We cultivate the most beautiful yard in your neighborhood for you. 

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We are Utah’s leading lawn care company. We offer affordable solutions to revive even the worst lawns with grass that looks hopeless. Big League Lawns’ analysts and treatment technicians can transform your property from a barren wasteland into a stunning, robust, rich green outdoor haven for your family. Our professional team brings a combined 40 years of experience developing pristine lawns in Utah. We’re here for you and your yard! Please feel free to call anytime you’re ready to let us come over and rehabilitate your lawn.

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  • Expert-quality lawn diagnosis and treatment at an affordable cost
  • Our home-blended fertilizer formulated for Utah lawns
  • Two pre-emergent treatments
  • Part of all profits goes to charitable causes

Lawn Fertilization in West Haven, Utah

For a thick, healthy, green lawn, fertilization with the right material and plan is essential. A dense lawn means you don’t need to use as much weed killer, and even the most tenacious weeds have difficulty taking root where the grass is too thick and healthy to allow room for them. Our specially formulated fertilizer for the Utah environment utilizes minimal application for maximal results.

Lawn Weed Control Service in West Haven, Utah

Weeds strive to crowd out the grass in a lawn. The weeds fight for space, sunlight exposure, moisture from precipitation, and essential nutrients. Weeds are strong and aggressive, and they succeed in forcing out healthy grass unless lawn owners act to prevent them from taking over. Big League lawn weed control methods eliminate weeds and help prevent future reemergence.

Lawn Aeration in West Haven, Utah

Aeration in lawn rehabilitation means disturbing the soil by creating tiny holes that allow air, water, and critical nutrients to penetrate grass roots. A lawn is more likely to need aeration if it has undergone frequent heavy foot traffic or vehicle traffic, as during home construction. Or, the soil can become compacted if the ground dries out quickly, causing excessive thatch. We remove thatch as needed, freeing your grass to thrive. Treatment with a lawn aerator enables the growth of deeper and stronger roots, which produce a denser, more robust lawn.


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Lawn Pest Control Service in West Haven, Utah

Voracious insects and their buried larvae invade Utah lawns and do extreme damage to grass. The roots are especially vulnerable. For example, lawn grubs lie inactive in the soil through the cold winter months and emerge to devour grassroots in the spring. These beetle larvae leave large patches of patches of dead or brown grass. They’re known for being difficult to eliminate without professional intervention. Big League experts identify and eliminate destructive lawn insects that attack lawns throughout the year.

Lawn Winterization in West Haven, Utah

Utah presents its regional abiotic challenges to many homeowners striving to maintain healthy grass. Utah lawn winterization provides the replenishment that soil and grass require to cultivate a thick green lawn that will flourish in the spring. Big League winterization applications can include pre-frost core cultivation for an abundant supply of water and nutrients to the grassroots, and fall fertilization to build grass density and drought tolerance.

Lawn Care Packages

Take your lawn out of the minors and into the Big League this season! We offer affordable commercial and residential lawn care packages for customers throughout Utah. 

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It’s your turn! You can have one of those beautiful lawns that families enjoy so much and that presents such great curb appeal. Don’t keep letting the years drift by. Why not have the best-looking yard in your neighborhood this year? Let Big League Lawns experts diagnose the issues with your grass and your yard’s growing conditions and build a gorgeous lawn for you. 

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