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Lawn Care Service Ogden UT

Is your lawn looking a bit like it should be part of the dugout instead of center field? From grub problems to drought, Utah and its’ dry climate are not the kindest to your lawn. Big League Lawns is your go-to provider of Ogden lawn care services for residential and commercial customers wishing for a healthier lawn. With 40 years of combined experience in the industry and 100% guaranteed satisfaction, Big League Lawns can help with every kind of lawn problem. Contact Big League Lawns for a free lawn analysis. 

Services Offered by Our Lawn Care Service Ogden UT 

Whether it's crabgrass, weeds, dead spots, or something else, Big League Lawns has the tools and necessary experience to step on the field and help you foster the lawn your home or business deserves. Our team of lawn fertilization and weed control experts will work with you and your lawn to pin down problems, find solutions, and nurture the most pristine lawn possible. 

Lawn Fertilization 

Our free lawn analysis will involve an in-depth examination of your lawn, the soil the grass is growing in, and anything threatening the health of the area. There is no better way to encourage a green and lush carpet of grass than by getting down to the full growth system to see what is lacking. Through proper lawn fertilizer service Ogden Utah, your lawn will flourish because it will be getting precisely what it needs. 

Lawn Weed Control

Utah has one of the driest climates in the country. If you have a lawn full of weeds, they hog up every drop of moisture and thwart grass growth. With our customized attention to weed control, your lawn will grow to be weed-free and much healthier. No longer will the dandelions stand as the all-stars; your grass will get the rightful attention. 

Lawn Aeration

Aeration involves using professional equipment to create a series of holes in your lawn. This allows all those vital things, like oxygen, water, and nutrients to get down into the root system of your lawn. Lawn aeration Ogden Utah helps to build an established, thriving root system for your lawn so it stays looking good year after year. 

Lawn Grub Control 

Lawn grubs are a nasty problem, and these chubby crawlers will just about destroy the root system of your lawn. Grub control for lawns is not always easy; you have to know where the problem is concentrated and how to get rid of the pests. We offer lawn grub control Ogden Utah, so you don't have to deal with these buggers on your own. 

Crabgrass Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent

Sometime around the latter part of June, crabgrass starts to poke through and show its ugly face in lawns across the state. This problematic weed acts like grass but sure doesn't look like it. Plus, it can spread so fast that it will completely take your lawn over. Each spring you receive not one, but two pre-emergent applications to keep crabgrass seeds from ever. 


Affordable Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Near Ogden, Utah

Your lawn is an extension of your home, so if it's not what it should be, the curb appeal of the entire property can be compromised. At Big League Lawns we have more than 40 years of combined experience working on Utah lawns. Reach out to Big League Lawns today for a free lawn analysis, and we will help you take your lawn out of the minors and into the Big Leagues this season.

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