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Lawn Care Services in Layton, Utah

Are grubs and drought conditions in Layton UT keeping you from the lawn of your dreams? When arid temperatures put your lawn on the injured player's report, it's time to contact a Layton lawn care company. Servicing customers in Utah- native-owned Big League Lawns is the premier choice for residential and commercial customers who dream of healthy, vibrant, green lawns. Dependable lawn care in Layton UT is attainable. We understand the challenges of keeping a lawn green in the state and offer customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call Big League Lawns today at (801) 773-9999 to get your FREE lawn analysis.

Services Offered By Your Layton Lawn Care Company

What's keeping you from that outfield green lawn you're looking for? Creeping crabgrass, a grubby menace, or dead spots that just won't grow? Whatever the challenges Big League Lawns has the answers.

Our team of experienced professionals assesses your lawn care needs. We provide a detailed analysis and on-the-money quote.

  • Utah Lawn Aeration Services

    Big League Lawns deploys specialized equipment to break up hard, dry soil. This permits fertilizer and water to permeate the soil. Your Layton lawn care company Big League Lawns aeration system gives grassroots room to dig in deep and weather the elements so your lawn will thrive despite weather conditions.

  • Lawn Fertilization in Layton, Utah

    When a lawn care service in Layton UT like Big League analyzes your lawn, it helps us understand exactly which nutrients that lawn may be missing. When it comes to lawns, even the slightest imbalance in certain vital substance can mean big trouble for your lawn.

  • Lawn Weed Control Services

    Weeds steal valuable nutrients and moisture from your lawn. And once they take hold, they're harder to fight. Preventing weeds proactively can keep your lawn looking fresh. Your Layton lawn care company Big League Lawns manages weeds through both pre-treatment and post-treatment methods to let your lawn get the all-star status it deserves.

  • Crabgrass Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent

    Some weeds are just harder to tackle than others. Once the annual opportunist crabgrass works its way into your lawn, you have a task at hand trying to get rid of it. Sure, it's green and yes, it's grass, but the patchy fingers of mismatched mess destroy the appearance of any lawn. Finding a Lawn Care Service Layton UT that understands how to effectively address this invader isn't easy.

    Big League Lawns tackles crabgrass and spurge first by using a pre-emergent spring treatment to prevent crabgrass seeds from ever taking hold.

  • Lawn Grub Control

    We'll say it, "grubs are gross." They can be fun to play with as a kid. But as an adult, trying to keep a lawn, they've become the bane of your existence. We help you keep these plump little pests out of your yard.

Lawn Care Layton Utah - Call for a Free Lawn Analysis

Don't put up with brown grass and bare spots. A small weed problem today can become a huge problem tomorrow. The more you know about the state of your lawn, the better you can care for it. And we can help. With over 40 years of combined experience, Big League Lawns is prepared to deliver on its promises of helping you create a beautiful, green, envy-of-the-neighborhood lawn.

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