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Does your grass need the best lawn care services in Clearfield, Utah? Big League Lawn Care offers affordable advanced lawn care services to rehabilitate ailing grass for homeowners and businesses in Clearfield. If you want a lush, robust green lawn, our turf cultivation experts can diagnose and treat your grass to generate the most beautiful flourishing green lawn in your neighborhood this year. Our team of grass repair specialists brings over 40 years of combined experience to the task of creating your dream lawn for you this season!

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To transform your unhealthy grass into the lawn of your dreams, call Big League Lawns at 801-773-9999 for information and a free lawn analysis!

Why Choose Big League Lawns for Your Lawn Care Services?

We’re proud of receiving over 150 exceptional customer reviews about our outstanding Big League lawn care services, featuring lawn rehabilitation for unhealthy or dying grass. Other good reasons to use Big League lawn rehab services:

  • The highest quality of lawn care services at affordable prices
  • Two pre-emergent applications for our full-season customers
  • Our special locally blended fertilizer for the unique needs of Utah lawns
  • A part of all profits is donated to charity


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Lawn Services By Big League Lawns in Clearfield, Utah

Some of the most popular lawn care services we provide for Clearfield, UT homeowners and businesses include:

Lawn Fertilization

The lushest green lawns in Utah require the right care. Fertilizing a lawn makes the difference between the less than ideal lawn and the rich, healthy, green grass of the best lawns. Another big benefit of fertilizing is that having thick, healthy grass means you don’t need to use as much weed killer. Invasive weeds have a more difficult time coming up through dense grass growth. Fertilization is the key treatment that yields the spectacular curb appeal that upgrades the entire neighborhood and inspires your family to spend time outdoors enjoying your beautiful yard.

Lawn Weed Control Services

Weeds strive to crowd out the grass on a lawn as they compete for moisture, nutrients, and light. This type of vegetation is very aggressive and can be difficult to control on a Utah lawn without intervention by a lawn care expert. Big League lawn weed control services thwart weed growth in the lawn and help prevent later reemergence.

Lawn Pest Control Treatment

There is a wide range of insects that damage grass and leave lawns in Utah with a variety of unsightly and unhealthy problems. Some common insect pests attack the grass leaves, crowns, and roots. For example, lawn grubs (beetle larvae) lie in the soil through winter and emerge in the spring to devour grassroots and crowns and leave large areas of dead or brown grass. Professional treatment is usually necessary to eliminate these very tenacious pests. Our professional mosquito control eliminates another problem that is notoriously difficult for homeowners to resolve without intervention.

Lawn Aeration

Aerating a lawn creates small holes at a depth in the soil that allows air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grassroots. This fortifies the roots, enabling them to grow deeper, cultivating strong, thriving grass. If the soil in your lawn is very compacted due to heavy use, it may need treatment with a lawn aerator. For example, if you have a recently built home, the grass and subsoil have been pressured downward by the vehicle and foot traffic during construction, or if your lawn is very dry and feels sponge-like due to too much thatch. Big League lawn will assess your lawn and determine whether your lawn needs aeration.

Lawn Grub Control

Grubs can destroy a pretty lawn by relentlessly chewing grassroots and crowns, leaving large areas of brown or dead grass. They lay dormant under the surface of the soil through the cold months and then come up to start growing and maturing on a diet of grassroots. The larvae ultimately develop into beetles and start eating garden plants and flowers. Garden store pesticides can cause lawn damage and still not be effective in eliminating a lawn grub infestation. Big League lawn rehab specialists are lawn grub control experts.

Lawn Winterization

The Utah area of the northwest U.S. can be uniquely challenging for many lawn owners trying to maintain a gorgeous, thick, green lawn. Winterizing in Utah should start with a fall lawn assessment by Utah lawn winterization specialists and a seasonal lawn care plan to yield a fabulous lawn in the spring. Our winterization system includes pre-frost core cultivation, seasonal fertilization for drought tolerance and to promote growth density and prevent weeds, and fall pest control treatment to help protect your home from insects migrating inside from cold temperatures.

Lawn Care Packages

For the beautiful lawn you want, give your grass the professional treatment it needs! Your Big League Lawns experts can help you determine which of our lawn service packages will work best for your particular Utah lawn care needs. All our service programs are 100% guaranteed.

Lawn Care Packages By Big League Lawns

Best Lawn Care in Clearfield Utah – Big League!

If you want the most gorgeous lawn in your neighborhood this year, welcome to the Big League for special lawn care solutions!For your free lawn analysis and estimate anytime, call Big League Lawns at (801) 773-9999, or contact us right here on our website

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