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Looking for a lawn care company to help you maintain a beautiful and lush lawn? Big League Lawns offers professional and affordable lawn care services in North Salt Lake and the surrounding areas. With over 40 years of combined experience in the industry, we have qualified personnel to handle a wide range of needs and exceed your expectations. Contact Big League Lawns today for a free lawn analysis, or any of the following services.

  • Lawn Fertilization Services


    Once we have examined your lawn and analyzed the soil, we will be able to establish anything that undermines the health of the area. Through our expertise and experience, we remove the guesswork and hassle from the process of fertilizing your lawn. We help you get the right blend of fertilizer and apply the required quantities. This ensures you transform your lawn in a short time.

  • Lawn Aeration Treatment


    Our lawn aeration services are designed to ensure that your lawn looks well-maintained year after year. We make use of professional equipment to create holes in the soil, effectively allowing oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach the roots easily. Lawn aeration promotes a thriving root system that, in turn, keeps the lawn healthy and vibrant.

  • Lawn Weed Control Services


    Weeds compete with the grass for space, light, moisture, and important nutrients. With the aggressive nature of the unwanted plants, they are likely to crowd out healthy lawn grass if not dealt with. Depending on the needs of your lawn, we will create a customized program to control and eventually eliminate weeds. Our weed control service is designed to handle weeds already in the lawn and prevent others from emerging in the future.

  • Lawn Grub Control Treatment


    When lawn grubs invade your lawn, they can cause extensive damage, especially to the root system of the grass. Lawn grubs live in the soil during the colder months, but their presence can be identified by locating patches of brown or dead grass on the lawn. Since they are notoriously difficult to get rid of, it is important to understand where the problem is concentrated and how to deal with the pests. Our experts will determine the most effective lawn grub control treatment plan to control and prevent problems in the future.

  • Crabgrass Pre-emergent and Post-emergent Treatment


    Crabgrass is a problematic weed that can take over your lawn, compromising both the health and appearance of the area. One of the reasons why it is difficult to deal with is because it can spread fast. Mowing your lawn in the right way, soaking the lawn and careful use of herbicides can help in managing the problem. We will help you get rid of crabgrass by digging it up and replacing the area with new sod.

  • Lawn Pest Control Treatment


    Our lawn care services also include pest control. We will spray around your home to ensure your family is safe from spiders, earwigs, and mosquitoes.

  • Year-Round Lawn Care in North Salt Lake City, Utah

    The next time you need lawn care services, look no further than Big League Lawns. In addition to being fast and dependable, we have licensed experts who provide quality services for which we offer a 100% guarantee. The good news is that our customers can access these top-notch services at affordable rates. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

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