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Are you ready to enjoy a beautiful lawn that will be the talk of the town in Bountiful, Utah? Big League Lawns is ready to help you achieve landscaping greatness with a full range of lawn care services that'll take care of every blade of grass your yard can grow. Our lawn consultants offer over 40 years of experience combined working on lawns in Weber and Davis counties in Utah, and we're happily accepting new clients.

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Why Choose Big League Lawns?

  • We are a Local company
  • 40+ years’ experience
  • Fertilizer made specifically for Utah lawns
  • Part of every sale goes to Food for the Hungry charity
  • Cost-effective lawn care services
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Free lawn analysis

Free Lawn Analysis in Bountiful, Utah

Do you know what's causing your lawn to look a little lackluster? Do you have too much thatch built up just below the surface? Are diseases causing the disappearance of healthy blades of grass that are otherwise supposed to be green and healthy?

If you don't know the answer to these questions, it's because you haven't had a proper lawn analysis. But bear in mind, you can't fix your landscaping problems until you understand what's wrong with your lawn. This is where Big League Lawns steps up to the plate. Our team will complete a full, free lawn analysis to determine:

  • The type of grass(es) you have on your lawn
  • The type and condition of the soil in which your grass is growing
  • Whether or not there are certain lawn diseases that could be impeding the growth of a lush, healthy layer of grass
  • If you have insects and pests that need to be controlled or exterminated in order to achieve the optimal lawn
  • If you have too much thatch, which can prevent your lawn from receiving the nutrients it needs from fertilizers and the sun
  • Whether the color of your lawn reflects health or distress of your grass's situation

Lawn Fertilization Services in Bountiful, Utah

It would be great if simply watering your lawn resulted in brilliant green blades of grass, but it seldom works that way. Your lawn is a living, growing organism, and as such, it requires proper nutrition. The type of grass you have, the quality of your soil, and the growing conditions in your area (including how sunny or shady your lawn is) will impact the amount, frequency, and type of fertilizer you need to appropriately nourish your yard.

If this sounds overwhelming, fear not! Once Big League Lawn's experienced team of professionals has assessed your lawn's condition and other factors that can affect its health, we'll put a plan into place, fertilizing it at the frequency it needs and only with a fertilizer that's optimal for your yard's unique conditions.

Lawn Aeration Services in Bountiful, Utah

Thatch is the layer of organic matter (such as dead leaves and plant material) that forms on top of the soil. When thatch gets too thick, it can prevent the roots of your lawn from receiving vital vitamins and minerals. Soil aeration alleviates this compaction, so water, air, and nutrients can truly get to the root of your lawn's needs.

Big League Lawns offers lawn aeration as part of our affordable lawn care services. Trust us with your lawn, and get ready to see your grass grow green and healthy.

Lawn Weed Control Services in Bountiful, Utah

Weeds compete with the grass for space, light, moisture, and important nutrients. With the aggressive nature of the unwanted plants, they are likely to crowd out healthy lawn grass if not dealt with. Our lawn weed control service is designed to eliminate weeds in the lawn and prevent others from emerging in the future.

Lawn Grub Control Services in Bountiful, Utah

Lawn grubs are a nasty problem, and these chubby crawlers will just about destroy the root system of your lawn. Grub control for lawns is not always easy; you have to know where the problem is concentrated and how to get rid of the pests. We offer lawn grub control Bountiful Utah, so you don't have to deal with these buggers on your own.

Crabgrass Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent

Some weeds are just harder to tackle than others. Once the annual opportunist crabgrass works its way into your lawn, you have a task at hand trying to get rid of it. Sure, it's green and yes, it's grass, but the patchy fingers of mismatched mess destroy the appearance of any lawn. Finding a Lawn Care Service Bountiful UT that understands how to effectively address this invader isn't easy.

Big League Lawns tackles crabgrass and spurge first by using a pre-emergent spring treatment to prevent crabgrass seeds from ever taking hold.

Local Lawn Pest Control Services in Bountiful, Utah

Pests will not only ruin your lawn but can also ruin outdoor events and quiet evenings in the home. Mosquitoes, Ants, and Spiders to name just a few can create hassles and headaches for everyone. Thankfully, Big League Lawns can not only help you get rid of existing pests but also lower the odds of them coming back.

Unlike other large companies, Big League professionals use only eco-friendly pest control methods to ensure that your lawn remains safe for children and pets. To ensure our pest control solutions are effective, we carefully check your lawn to see which bugs you're up against, what type of soil you have, which weeds and plants are attracting pests, etc. We then draw up a plan to successfully eliminate the pests that have taken up residence around your home and lawn without causing damage to the grass, plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, and soil.

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