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Big League Lawn Care provides affordable lawn restoration and lawn care services for North Ogden homeowners and businesses. Our turf rehabilitation experts can diagnose and treat your grass to regenerate it and cultivate a flourishing lawn that will become a beautiful asset to your family and neighborhood.

If you’re ready to transform your brown, malnourished, infested grass into the lush green lawn you want, call Big League Lawns at 801-773-9999 for information or to schedule a free lawn analysis near Ogden, Utah!

Big League Lawns Specializes in Turf Grass Restoration and Lawn Fertilization Services

For decades, our service has helped frustrated Utah home, and business owners redevelop their lawns from even the worst condition to gorgeous thick grass. See our many reviews from customers who love their new lawns due to the expert care of our Big League specialists. Our team offers over 40 years of combined experience revitalizing dying lawns in Utah. We provide:

  • Remedial and developmental lawn fertilization services at affordable prices.
  • Residential lawn care maintenance
  • Repeat pre-emergent applications for full-season restorative care customers.
  • Big League’s locally blended specialty fertilizer, formulated for Utah lawns.

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Lawn Services Provided By Big League Lawns in North Ogden, Utah

Some of the most often needed lawn care services we offer for our customers in North Ogden include these general treatments, among numerous types of advanced care:

Lawn Fertilization in North Ogden, Utah

Proper fertilizing is essential for transforming severely ailing grass into a pristine green lawn. When a lawn has dense thriving grass, less weed killer is needed. Weeds that otherwise can crowd out grass growth cannot easily fight their way through impenetrable, robust grass root systems. Fertilization is a key component in producing a lawn that inspires your family and friends to enjoy it.

Lawn Weed Control Services Near North Ogden, Utah

Weeds compete with grass in a lawn to reach nutrients and water in the soil and to be exposed to sunlight above ground. They’re extremely aggressive and can be too difficult to eliminate without professional help from an experienced lawn health specialist. Big League lawn weed control systems stop weeds from spreading and help prevent them from reemerging.

Lawn Pest Control Treatment in North Ogden, Utah

Some of the many common lawn insects in Utah feed on and damage or destroy tender grass leaves or roots. Lawn grubs (beetle larvae) lie protected in the soil through winter and come to the surface to ravenously feed on grass and leave large areas of dead or brown grass. Mosquitos and other lawn pests also often require professional intervention to safely and effectively control them.

Lawn Aeration in North Ogden, Utah

Treatment with a lawn aerator enables water, nutrients, and oxygen to penetrate hard dry soil and reach the grassroots in areas where the earth is too compacted for saturation by these elements. Aerating allows roots to grow deeper into the soil to become denser and produce enriched, healthier soil and stronger, thicker grass.

Lawn Grub Control in North Ogden, Utah

These destructive grubs lie under the soil surface during the cold season and emerge in spring to ravage the grass of many green Utah lawns. They grow to become mature beetles and then thrive on garden plants and flowers. Professional treatment is often necessary to eliminate extensive lawn grub infestations.

North Ogden, Utah Lawn Winterization

A pre-winter assessment by a lawn winterization expert from Big League provides the kinds of needed plans for seasonal lawn care that help many Utah property owners enjoy beautiful, healthy lawns in the springtime. Our winterization program features:

  • Core cultivation ahead of the first frost
  • Winter fertilization to promote drought tolerance and new growth
  • Preventive treatment to stop lawn insects from moving inside your home to escape the cold.

Big League Lawn Care Packages for North Ogden, Utah

The best way to grow the gorgeous thick green grass you want is to leave it to our professionals to apply the necessary periodic lawn treatments throughout the year. Your Big League Lawns diagnostic expert will assist you in determining which types of lawn service packages offer the right solutions for your particular lawn restoration needs.

Lawn Care Packages By Big League Lawns

All of our lawn care services are 100% guaranteed.

Choose Big League Lawns for Lawn Fertilization and Lawn Care Service Near Ogden, Utah

As a homeowner or a commercial business in Ogden, Utah, it's important to choose a local company for your lawn fertilization and service needs. Local companies like Big League Lawns have extensive knowledge of the soil and climate in the area and can provide personalized treatment plans to ensure your lawn stays healthy and beautiful year-round.

Furthermore, our lawn care experts at Big League Lawns have more than 40 years of combined experience in lawn care and repair, so you can trust their expertise. We offer a variety of lawn care packages to suit your needs, all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. For the best lawn on your block, trust the lawn care professionals at Big League Lawns in Ogden, UT. Contact Big League Lawns Today to Learn More About Our Free On-Site Lawn Analysis and Estimates near Ogden, Utah.

Lawn Fertilization and LawnCare Services in North Ogden, Utah

Our lawn repair experts offer more than 40 years of collective experience to help you realize your vision for your ideal lawn at your home or business location this year! For the best lawn on your block this year, use a Big League grass recovery solution.

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