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Guide to a Lush Lawn

Wondering how you can grow and maintain a lush lawn? There are several steps that you can follow in order to keep your grass looking beautiful and healthy. Getting the lawn of your dreams will require that you adopt a routine to keep grass healthy and address any threats in good time. Here are a few tips to help you have the best lawn in your neighborhood.

Aerate Your Soil

Aerating the soil plays a crucial role in helping to keep your lawn looking great and healthy. By creating holes in the soil to loosen the particles, you will ensure that air, water, and nutrients can easily penetrate the grassroots to allow them to grow deeply and produce a more vigorous lawn. While sticking a screwdriver into your turf can help you decide whether the soil needs aeration, a landscape professional will advise on the timing and frequency of the exercise.

Water Your Lawn

Another way to achieve a healthy lawn is to provide adequate moisture. However, you should be sure not to overwater since this could promote more weeds. A sprinkler system should serve more as a source of supplemental water as opposed to the primary source. Building a strong and deep root zone will also go a long way in helping the grass to withstand long periods of drought. This can be achieved by watering only when it is necessary.

Use Fertilizer

Although fertilizer can help your lawn to flourish, timing is critical. The grass should be left to sprout and harden off on its own before you can start using fertilizer. This is because adding fertilizer can contribute more to excessive top growth as opposed root zone development. The type of fertilizer used is as important as when you apply it to your lawn. Some fertilizers that are high in nitrogen work well earlier in the season to encourage top growth. On the other hand, fertilizers with more potassium and less nitrogen are best suited for building the root system of your lawn.

Choose the Right Grass

While this may seem like a no brainer, the grass you choose will significantly affect the lawn care program. Some of the factors you may have to be mindful of are your geographical location, climate, and the position of the sun. Today, going for drought tolerant, disease resistant and low maintenance grass varieties will make your work easier as you work towards having a lush green lawn.

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Scan for Pests and Weeds

Pests and weeds are a recurring problem that can stress out your lawn, undermining the appearance and health of the grass. In some cases, they could be an indication of a deeper problem. This is why it is important to scan the lawn for pests and weeds and take the necessary steps such as improving the condition of your soil.

Fill in Existing Bare Spots

In case of patches on your lawn, you should consider adding extra grass seed to fill in the bare spots. This will crowd out weeds, producing a thicker, healthier and lush lawn.

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