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Eliminate Summertime Mosquitos in Utah

Ah, summertime. There is nothing like spending time outdoors, soaking up the sunshine in Utah. But, buzzing black flies and mosquitoes can quickly turn your picnic, BBQ or backyard playtime into a miserable experience. While there are a lot of old wive’s tales for DIY mosquito defense methods, professional treatment will give you and your family a significant reduction of annoying summertime mosquitos.

Don’t let pesky summertime bugs and mosquitos bite into your backyard family time. Big League Lawns helps you rid your property of annoying and potentially harmful biting pests, so you can enjoy the great outdoors instead of hiding away in the house. Weber and Davis County residents can call or text us at 801-876-5508 to see how we can help!

Flying Pest Control in the Beehive State

In the spring, as evening temperatures rise, Utahns are beginning to enjoy our time outdoors. The problem is that so are the mosquitos. When evening temperatures reach 50°, female adult mosquitos will begin to lay eggs and previously laid eggs begin to hatch. As the thermometer rises, so will mosquito’s hunger. Professional outdoor bug and flying pest control will allow you to spend time outdoors in peace.  

The most effective outdoor control treatment in Utah includes monthly applications to suppress populations for 3-4 weeks at a time. While it is impossible to fully eliminate every outdoor bug or flying pest, it is possible to keep the population down in your outdoor space. Professional treatment begins with addressing the current population and then maintaining the area by repelling new larvae as they hatch. 

Your summertime pest control specialist will target the following outdoor areas to infiltrate the places where flying pests like to hide, like:

  • Trees & Shrubs in Your Yard
  • Bark or Mulch in Flowerbeds
  • Outdoor Potted Plants
  • Around the Deck & Patio

After treatment, you will see a significant reduction of mosquito and black fly activity in your yard for 3 to 4 weeks. Big League Lawns guarantees service for flying pest control after 2 separate applications.

Common Summertime Pests in Northern Utah

Lawncare during the hot summer months will not only give you a beautiful, lush green yard but can easily include lawn pest control to help reduce common summertime pests in Northern Utah. Protect your family and pets from pests like spiders, earwigs, and other bugs by reducing exposure with a proactive plan to rid your yard of creepy crawlies to enjoy the warm days and pleasant nights of summertime in Utah. Your local lawn care service can easily incorporate effective lawn pest control into your lawn care plan. 

Treatment to protect your home and property from summertime bugs like spiders, earwigs and more includes a spray application around the foundation. Other targeted areas include:

  • Door Jambs
  • Basement Windows
  • Window Wells
  • Around the Deck & Patio
  • Garage Door Opening

Protect Your Family, Pets, and Lawn Today!

At Big League Lawns, we know how to protect your property and your family from summertime pests and give you the peace of mind you deserve. With over 40 years of combined experience, we provide affordable pest control plans for homeowners and businesses throughout Utah. It is important to keep in mind that pest control goes hand-in-hand with lawn care in the harsh Utah conditions and takes specialized knowledge and experience to achieve the best results. Enjoy your backyard again, call Big League Lawns today at 801-876-1835 for your fast, free lawn care analysis.

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