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We are the leader in affordable lawn care services for Woods Cross, Utah homeowners. Our lawn specialists will transform your lawn this season into a lush, gorgeous green, healthy outdoor space for fun on beautiful Utah summer days. Your eyesore yard will be a beautiful, and valuable asset.

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Why Choose Big League Lawns for Your Lawn Care Services?

  • We provide top-quality lawn care services at affordable prices.
  • Our track record with our customers is exceptional. See over 150 top ratings by our customers!
  • We are Utah natives and use only our specially blended local fertilizer mixed for Utah lawns.
  • We consistently succeed in safely and effectively transforming even the worst Utah lawns.
  • A portion of sales goes to a charity to feed hungry children.

Lawn Fertilization in Woods Cross, UT

To achieve a thriving lawn requires care, including the best fertilization program for your yard’s specific needs. Applying the appropriate fertilizer as part of a lawn care regimen will produce a thick, healthy lawn, which will crowd out the potential for weeds to emerge. Fertilizing helps generate a lush green lawn that adds high-quality curb appeal to any home and makes an ideal impression of a well-cared for property. It’s also fun for the whole family to spend more time outdoors enjoying it.

Lawn Aeration in Woods Cross, UT

Aeration involves a process of creating many small holes in the soil of your lawn to enable air, nutrients, and water to penetrate deep throughout the roots of the grass. This generates deeper growth of grass roots, which produces a stronger, more robust lawn. If your yard has a lot of foot traffic, and especially if the property has undergone construction or has had vehicle traffic on it, the soil may become very compacted. Or, if your lawn is in an area that dries out excessively, and it feels sponge-like (which means it has excessive thatch), then professional treatment with a lawn aerator is probably necessary. 

Lawn Weed Control Services in Woods Cross, UT

Weeds struggle against grass to take over space, nutrients, moisture, and sunlight on a lawn. These intrusive plants are tough, and they aggressively crowd out healthy grass without effective treatment. Big League Lawns professional weed control service eliminates even the most stubborn weeds throughout your yard and stops new weeds from being able to take hold in the future.

Lawn Pest Control in Woods Cross, UT

Common lawn insects and their ravenous larvae can damage large areas of a lawn, weakening the grass’s root system. For example, lawn grubs stay in the ground during cold months and then cause widespread dead or brown grass across the lawn in warm weather months. These and other destructive insects are difficult to eliminate without professional intervention. Our specialists can identify the locations of infestations and resolve the problem safely and effectively. Other lawn pest control services we provide include seasonal treatments to protect against insects moving from your lawn to your home’s warm interior.

Lawn Winterization in Woods Cross, UT

Our western environment in Utah presents its particular challenges to maintaining a thriving green lawn. Winterizing provides the boost that soil and grass need for cultivation of a great lawn. Our Utah lawn winterization experts will provide you with a lawn assessment and a plan for a seasonal program that will produce a lush green lawn in the spring. Winterization includes such key applications as pre-frost core cultivation, to ensure abundant water and nutrient penetration through winter. Among other measures, we will also apply seasonal fertilization, which builds growth density and strengthens grass’s drought tolerance.

Lawn Care Packages in Woods Cross, UT

Big League residential lawn care and commercial lawn services in Utah are all 100% guaranteed.

Spring Training: Pre/Post-Emergent, Fertilizer, Weed Control 

Grand Slam: Pre/Post-Emergent, Fertilizer, Weed Control, Grub Prevention, Lawn Aeration

Home Run: Pre/Post-Emergent, Fertilizer, Weed Control, Grub Prevention

Big League Lawns Service Plans are priced per square foot. Call (801) 773-9999 for a free lawn analysis and estimate! 

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You can take control of your brown sparse yard and make it the most beautiful lush green lawn in your entire neighborhood. All our lawn care work is guaranteed 100%. So, you can have a gorgeous lawn this year!

The Big League Lawns team are experts in Utah lawn cultivation. We will bring your grass the rich green lushness that makes a lawn inviting and upgrades a family’s outdoor lifestyle. It also maximizes your home’s curb appeal, which increases your property value. In fact, a healthy pristine green lawn is a benefit to your entire neighborhood.

Our team of Utah lawn experts offers our customers over 40 years of collective experience in rehabilitating Utah lawns. Call Big League Lawn Care at (801) 773-9999 for more information about our lawn health services, or to schedule a FREE lawn analysis and estimate!

A percentage of all our profits go to support Food for the Hungry, to help feed children in need throughout the world.


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