Springtime in Utah is often dramatic with high winds, snow flurries and sunshine, and rainbows - sometimes all in one day! Utahans like to joke that the beginning of spring, March 20th or 21st, is actually called Sprinter. When we finally roll into true spring-like weather with melting snow and warmer temperatures, it is time to think about getting a head start on lawn care. Big League Lawns suggests keeping in mind the following 5 tips to prepare your lawn for spring in Utah.

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Remove Debris

Begin your lawn care regime by removing large debris like branches, then rake to clear away smaller debris like leaves. By removing debris that has accumulated over the long winter months, you are allowing vital sunlight needed for healthy growth to reach every area of your lawn. Raking also lifts up matted areas to allow air circulation to reverse snow mold and inhibit other disease or insect infestation. This will also encourage the growth of new grass blades.

Core Aeration

If you haven't aerated your lawn for a few years, core aeration in the spring season can revitalize your lawn and provide better water absorption and air circulation. Core aeration should be done when soil temperatures are between 55-60 degrees to fortify root development and stimulate new growth without attracting aggressive weed seeds.

First Mow of The Year

The first mow of the year shouldn't be about a specific date but should be determined by the height of your grass. As grass wakes up from it's long winter slumber in and starts to grow again in March or April, the first mow will trim off winter damage. Begin with a low cut, use the second lowest setting on your mower, this will allow sunshine to better absorb into the soil. After the first mow, move your setting to the second highest for the rest of the season.

Perennial Weeds

In March, broad-leaf weeds will need pre-emergent weed control. Common perennial weeds in the Beehive State include:
  • Dandelions
  • Thistle
  • Mallow
  • Morning Glory
While crabgrass can be misidentified as orchard grass, it can be hard to spot in springtime. If you noticed pesky crabgrass in the previous summer, it is almost certain that is will make another appearance this year. Treatment with a pre-emergent in April or May will prevent last year's seeds from germinating. If you have already dealt with crabgrass, you know, it is extremely difficult to eradicate once it has germinated.

Early and Late Spring Lawn Care

Fertilizer will jump start your lawn to provide strength against drought and heat stress with vital nutrient build-up. The warmer soil temperatures are ideal for the absorption of essential nutrients. Big League Lawns recommends 2 fertilization treatments between February and April. The first treatment will give an early boost of vital nutrients, even out landscaping and provide better-textured grass blades. A second fertilization treatment 4-6 weeks later to reinforce the vital nutrients.

Year-Round Lawn Care Near Weber and Davis Counties

At Big League Lawn Care, we believe year-round maintenance is necessary to achieve the best lawn on the block. With over 40 years of combined experience, we provide affordable lawn maintenance schedule plans for both homeowners and businesses throughout Utah. We are grateful for our wonderful customers and are proud to partner with Food For the Hungry to give back by feed starving children and building self-sustaining communities.
If you would like professional help preparing your lawn in spring for the rest of the year, give us a call at 801-876-1834 to learn more about our customized lawn care services and to schedule your free lawn evaluation. It is important to remember that proper lawn care in the harsh Utah conditions takes specialized experience and knowledge to achieve a full, thick, green lawn that you can be proud of.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lawn Care in the Spring

Spring is the perfect time to start preparing your lawn for the growing season. Prepping your lawn for spring not only ensures that it looks its best, but also helps to promote the health and vitality of your grass which can prevent damage caused by weeds, pests, and disease.
  1. Clear Debris: The first step in prepping a lawn for spring is to clear any debris that may have accumulated over the winter months. This includes fallen branches, leaves, and any other type of debris that could prevent your grass from getting the sunlight and water it needs to grow.
  2. Rake and Aerate: Once the debris is cleared, it’s time to rake and aerate your lawn. Raking helps to remove any thatch or dead grass, while aeration improves the flow of air, water, and nutrients to the roots of your grass. This step is especially important if your lawn is compacted or has a lot of foot traffic. Call Big League Lawns for a quote lawn aeration services in Ogden and Salt Lake City.
  3. Fertilizing your lawn is one of the most important steps in prepping it for spring. The right combination of nutrients can help your grass to grow stronger, healthier, and more resistant to pests and disease. When choosing a fertilizer, be sure to look for one that is designed for your type of grass and soil. schedule lawn fertilization service near Ogden and Salt Lake City, Utah.
  4. Seed or Sod: If your lawn has bare spots or thin areas, consider seeding or sod
No, don't remove the aeration plugs. It takes approximately one to two weeks for the plugs to break down on their own, but there are some things you can do to help the plugs break down faster to tidy up the lawn. If you don't expect any rainfall, you can water the lawn which will help the aeration plugs to break down.
Fertilizing your lawn in the spring provides a number of benefits. Firstly, it helps to promote healthy growth and development of the grass blades. This means that your lawn will be thicker, greener, and more resistant to weed growth and disease. Secondly, spring fertilization helps to replenish the nutrients that may have been lost over the winter months. This is especially important if you live in an area with harsh winter conditions, as snow and ice can cause soil erosion and nutrient depletion.
At Big League Lawns we recommend 2 springtime fertilizer treatments. One in early spring and a second treatment 4-6 weeks later.
There are several steps you can take to prevent lawn disease in the spring.
  • Proper lawn maintenance: Regular mowing, watering, and fertilizing can help keep your lawn healthy and strong, making it less susceptible to disease.
  • Core Aeration: Aerating your lawn can improve soil quality and promote healthy root growth, which will make your lawn less prone to disease. Call Big League Lawns to Schedule lawn aeration service near Ogden and Salt Lake City.
  • Avoid overwatering: Excessive watering can create the perfect environment for lawn diseases to thrive. Water your lawn only when it needs it, and avoid watering in the evening or at night, as this can lead to prolonged moisture on the grass blades.
  • Proper drainage: Make sure your lawn has proper drainage to prevent water from pooling, which can create a breeding ground for disease.
  • Proper fertilization: Over-fertilizing can weaken your lawn and make it more susceptible to disease. Follow the recommended fertilization schedule for your grass type and avoid applying too much fertilizer at once. If you prefer to go with a professional lawn fertilization service in Utah, call Big League Lawns to schedule a lawn fertilization treatment.
  • Remove thatch buildup: Thatch is a layer of dead grass and other debris that accumulates on the surface of your lawn. Too much thatch can create a favorable environment for disease to grow. Use a thatch rake or hire a professional to remove excess thatch.
  • Monitor your lawn: Keep an eye out for signs of disease, such as discoloration or unusual growth patterns.

If you suspect that your lawn has a problem, contact a lawn fertilization company like Big League Lawns and Schedule a Free Lawn Analysis in Ogden or Salt Lake City, Utah.

At Big League Lawns in Ogden, Utah, our experienced team of lawn care professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy and lush lawn that you can be proud of. We offer a wide range of lawn fertilization and maintenance services designed to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Our proven lawn care program includes the use of high-quality fertilizers, lawn weed control, and lawn disease prevention to ensure your lawn looks its best year-round.

Don't let lawn disease or weeds take over your yard this spring. Contact Big League Lawns today to schedule a free lawn analysis and learn more about our lawn care services in Ogden and Salt Lake City, Utah.

With our expertise and attention to detail, we are confident that we can help you achieve the healthy and vibrant lawn you've always wanted. Don't wait, call us now to get started with a free lawn care analysis in Weber, Davis or Salt Lake Counties!

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