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5 Simple Tips to Make Your Grass Green in Utah

How do I get green grass, you lament, promising this year you’ll figure out what makes the grass green and create the lawn of your dreams.

There’s just something about a stunning green lawn that makes you feel alive and inspired. But unlike parts of the big, beautiful USA where homeowners can just throw out some seeds and watch it grow, in Utah, we have to work for our little patch of green that takes us back to summers spent at the ballpark.

Figuring out how to make grass green doesn’t have to be hard when you know how to maintain green grass with these five strategies for Utah lawns.

1. Plan Your Lawn Wisely

Just like tulips or the notoriously hard-to-keep-alive orchid, all plants have unique needs and environments in which they’ll thrive. So choose grasses that have a greater chance of thriving in more arid conditions like:

  • Kentucky bluegrass with a Mixture of Ryegrass is the most popular choice in Utah.
  • Tall Fescue is another hearty choice. This grass type, however, can appear unsightly and is mistaken for crabgrass by many homeowners when invading a Kentucky Bluegrass / Ryegrass blended lawn.

2. Don’t Skip Spring Lawn Fertilization & Treatment

Make sure that you treat your lawn first thing in the spring with a blended fertilizer to Green it up after the long winter. Also, include a pre-emergent weed control application to prevent crabgrass and spurge in the later months.

Don’t wait until late spring or it’s already too late. The season opener has already arrived.

3. Take Care of your Lawn Care Equipment

Remember to empty old gas out of your mower before storing it. Keep it in a dry, secure location. And take it in for maintenance, if it’s not working at its peak. Trying to figure out how to make grass green with a good mower is like building a gym with no weight machines. So practice smart lawnmower maintenance.

4. Give Your Lawn Some Breathing Room with Aeration Service

If you’ve tried and failed at figuring out what makes grass green in the past, then your lawn will benefit from aeration. Use aeration to break up hard soil. Aerating is best done in the fall when your lawn’s root system grows more than any other time during the year.

5. Feed And Water Your Lawn

You’ll typically feed your lawn every 4-6 weeks for the best results all year long.

Keeping a lawn green in Utah will take a lot of water. Water should saturate the top 3 inches of soil, which takes about 30 to 45 minutes for the average lawn. Our Utah grass watering guide helps to determine how much water you need.

Choosing a more drought-resistant grass such as those listed above will help you keep your water bill lower. On top of that, time your watering. Early morning is best. A lawn that sits in water all night is prone to disease and grubs.

Get Top-Rated Professional Lawn Treatment and Fertilization Services from the Lawn Care Experts at Big League Lawns

They say “go big or go home”. But we say, “Go home to a Big League Lawn.” Follow these steps to get an amazing lawn. Planting the right grass, proper aeration and feeding are how to maintain green grass. And reach out. We can help you go big and hit a home run with your lawn. Call Big League Lawns. We have more than 40 years’ experience in lawn care. We’ll provide you with a free lawn analysis if you give us a call at 801-917-6572.

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