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3 Ways to Keep Bugs Out

You may be frustrated with seeing insects crawling around your house. Or, perhaps you’re fed up with swatting mosquitos while trying to entertain friends out on the deck. Big League Lawns can control pests in and around your home and yard by taking one or more measures to minimize – or even prevent – the annual fall insect migration into your home. Three types of barriers provide an effective measure of protection against insects: physical, chemical, and cultural.

Physical Barriers

A physical bug barrier blocks the openings bugs use to access your home. Using physical barriers is an excellent way to prevent bugs from entering, and these can also help lower your energy bills. Effective physical barriers include:

  • Caulk around basement window seals, and other ground-level windows and exterior doors.
  • Replace worn weatherstrips around windows and doors.
  • Seal exterior cracks around attic vents and along crawl space.

A physical barrier can be worn down due to watering, continued exposure to sunlight, heavy foot traffic, and many other factors, so it is important to check on these periodically.

Cultural Barriers

Cultural bug barriers consist of the actions you take to prevent bugs from invading your home. These are the pest management practices you use to make your home an undesirable habitat for insects.

  • Store all firewood outdoors: And, keep the stack away from your home’s exterior walls. Elevate the firewood stack above the ground. Multitudes of insects settle into wood piles for the winter. In indoor wood piles, warm temperatures inside encourage them to crawl out.
  • Install downspouts to direct rain water away from your home’s foundation: The majority of insect species seek damp conditions in order to regulate their body moisture. Keeping your foundation dry is a fundamental cultural barrier to a wide range of bug infestations.
  • Use a leaf rake to keep your yard clear: Remove leaves, rotting vegetation, and other lawn debris that may provide ideal insect habitats. This helps control ground beetle populations and other insects that settle in such convenient hiding places. Many also feed on other insects that are taking shelter in the same hidden spaces.

Professionally Applied Barriers

At Big League Lawns, our bug barrier application controls spiders, ants, earwigs, and numerous other pests. By eliminating other insect species from your home, spiders are left with far fewer bugs to feed on, which discourages them from settling in.

  • Insecticide & Repellant: A licensed pesticide applicator will spray to kill bugs on contact with our effective pest control application. Then, a perimeter will be established around your home, to discourage insect newcomers from crossing it to access the area.
  • How it works: We spray around your home’s foundation, basement windows, door jambs, window wells, garage door openings, decks, and other areas where cracks and crevices present bugs with appealing hiding places.
  • Pests controlled by applied barriers:
    • Ants
    • Mosquitos
    • Beetles
    • Spiders
    • Earwigs
    • Others
  • Life of applied barriersThe barrier is expected to last from three to four weeks. Typically, watering, sun exposure, and foot traffic will break down the barrier during that timeframe. Therefore, we recommend that you schedule bug barrier treatments along with each lawn application, in order to maintain control of insect populations around your home.

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